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ATW: Stations 2013 Pay Talks Final Offer

22 November 2013

Company table a final pay offer – please ensure that you read it ask questions and give us your feedback by 12 noon on 29 November 2013


Pay Talks

Since providing the company with your feedback on the last pay offer the company have tabled a final pay offer which you can access online at the below link:

To put this offer in context the feedback that we received on each of the points that we raised is as followed:

· £600 v’s £900 minimum payment – the company clarified that the original costing of 0.2% for a minimum payment of £900 was based on the original bargaining group which included the Driver grades. They had since costed a minimum payment based on the current group and they believed that even a minimum payment of £750 would cost an additional 0.17% which they wanted to see deducted from the offer. We felt that in the circumstances the fact the company were prepared to give a £600 minimum increase without any additional cost being brought to bear on the majority was a positive thing.

· Multi-year deal – the company have taken on board the feedback on a 2 year deal but don’t feel that they can sustain increasing Pensionable pay and on this basis no-one would have their pensionable pay increased to 100%.

· Travel Allowance – ATW were not prepared to increase the £6 on offer, despite our arguments that this would be a minimal cost to them.

· Banking of rest days – These will be part of the ‘meaningful discussions’ mentioned in the latest offer.

· Red circled staff – The company clarified that after the first year of the deal there would only be 12 people left red circled from the previous harmonisation with even less in the second year, they were not prepared to move on this.

· Valleys new year working – This will not be part of the deal from day 1 but further talks will take place via a joint working party as part of the agreement.

· Travel arrangements – the company advised that this item had appeared to be of a lower priority to seeking to resolve some of the other issues and therefore

The company also advised that if members were accepting of this offer they would need to have a response by 2 December 2013 in order that the payment is made before Christmas. Whilst we don’t feel that we should be pushed to make a decision hastily we also recognise that some members would appreciate the backdated payment this side of the New Year.

What do I do now?

We need everyone who is a member in stations to vote and have their say so that we can be assured you are entirely happy with this offer, if you are not then now is the time to have your say but either way we want to have a strong mandate. Having discussed the offer with your reps we do believe that this is the best that we can achieve in the circumstances based on the majority of our member’s feedback and on that basis we are recommending that you accept the offer. I would also like to add my appreciation for the hard work of particularly Paula and Peter in this process and the work that they have done to both canvass your opinions and feedback updates to you all and the many contributions that they have made to the company during the negotiations without their work we couldn’t seek to achieve a result that suits our members.

We will be running an online referendum to seek your feedback; due to the tight timescales that the company has given us if you can complete this by noon on 29 November 2013 at the link below this would be appreciated:

If have any difficulties accessing the internet or have questions or queries then please contact your stations TSSA representatives below:

Peter Collenette – Holyhead station – Company council rep North & Mid Wales

Paula Jones – Pontypridd station - Company council rep South Wales

Lorna Elliot – Chester station – Local rep

Doug Fry – Newport – Local rep

If you are interested in becoming a TSSA representative please contact for more information

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