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ATW: Stations 2013 Pay Talks

8 July 2013

Update for members on pay talks. Your Company Council Representatives, Peter Collenette (North & Mid Wales) and Paula Jones (South) need your feedback and will be visiting stations over 2 days within the week commencing 8 July please make sure that you let them know what you think!


Pay Talks

The following seeks to give you an account of the most salient points from the talks so that you have enough information to interact with your representatives and give them your opinion on what the company has put forward.

ATW reaffirmed their original offer of a 1 year no strings deal based on May 2013 Retail Prices Index (RPI) figure which had now been published at 3.1%. Their expectation was that any additional elements would either be found through productivity savings or once costed that individual non pay related items could be added by reducing the % value of the award. The company responded to elements from the various Trade Union claims:

Minimum of £900 pay award to protect lowest paid – ATW felt that on the current levels this would impact everyone on a pay level of less than £29,000 and would impact on 579 staff and it would add a cost of 0.2% to the claim. However they were keen to look at targeting lower paid members of staff and exploring different options on this point.

Additional annual leave – 1 day would cost 0.3% off of the pay rise

Removal of unpaid overtime – there was discussion about various grades overtime but we will concentrate on the detail around Stations overtime relating to the 15 minutes unpaid for unplanned overtime. ATW outlined that they felt that this worked both ways and demonstrated the flexibility where individuals can potentially finish early as well as finish late. There was some discussion around issues where individuals stay on for several hours past their scheduled end time and that they should be paid for the full amount of additional time worked. Across all of the grades ATW advised that they spend £2.1Million on Overtime and therefore removing unpaid Overtime for all would add an additional 2.25% cost to be deducted from the overall pay award.

Red Circling – There was a discussion about the practise of Red circling staff and not awarding them pay rises as time progresses. TSSA wanted clarity on whether all stations staff red circled as part of the harmonisation process had been caught up by other staff and would therefore benefit from future pay rises. ATW agreed to provide the Trade Unions with annonamised data on this.

Ill Health severance – ATW advised that current arrangements allowed flexibility for those exiting the business on grounds of ill health, they advised that improvements would cost 0.26% off the current pay deal

Pensionable pay – Despite ATW advising us at the last meeting that they thought all grades had been brought up to 100% pensionable pay they advised us that there are 147 people in the Stations grades not on 100% pensionable pay with one group on 95% and the other only on 90% pensionable pay. ATW advised us that they weren’t prepared to consider bringing staff up to 100% pensionable pay due to the current state of the pension scheme.

After this point there were some grades specific discussions from RMT’s pay claim around Mobile Fitters, Ending of self-despatch and directly employing contractors, to save space we won’t include the details here but you can ask your reps for more details if interested.

Annual leave payment – TSSA had submitted an element in the claim calling for you to receive annual leave pay based on your ‘normal pay’ i.e. taking into account the average that you receive for allowances such as overtime, Sunday working etc and paying you on this basis whilst taking annual leave. This was based on a recent Supreme Court ruling in the case of British Airways v’s Williams. ATW advised that they had received contrary legal advice to our own we advised that we would seek clarity before the next pay talks meeting.

Refunds in Booking offices – TSSA had requested that the additional work around Booking offices making refunds would require a re-grading of the post or some further increase in remuneration to compensate people for the additional duties. Whilst we haven’t dropped this issue the company had amended their proposals on this change and we wish to get members feedback on these proposals before responding formally to the company.

GPR’s Travel allowance – We had raised issues around the travel allowance for General purpose reliefs receiving a £5 allowance which didn’t cover their costs and was also taxable. The company advised that there were some issues in how this was being applied and that they could take this away to look at improving it although they gave very little details on what this might entail.

Banking Rest Days – TSSA had requested that individuals may want the choice (as per other grades) to bank their rest days and take the time back rather than be paid for them. The company proposed that individuals could work a maximum of 6 rest days and choose either to bank them or be paid for them between 1 January till 30 June and on a similar basis between 1 July and 31 December with no ability to carry outside for the 6 month period. We did suggest that this had the potential to save the company money which could potentially pay for additional annual leave.

Next Steps

Your Company Council representatives will be visiting workplaces in the week commencing 8 July and is important that they get your views before we have a staff side meeting on 31 July to discuss the companies proposals and costing’s. this will bolster the information that we gathered via the pay survey carried out earlier in the year.

We need to know whether you:

· Are happy with 3.1% or whether as our survey suggests you aspirations are higher?

· Believe it is worth reducing the overall pay rise to receive additional elements on the claim as costed by ATW.

· Are happy with the company’s proposal on carrying out refunds or whether you believe there is still an argument for regrading or additional payments for this work.

· Want a one year deal which will then bring us back in line with the other grades that TSSA represents or if you would prefer to seek a multi-year deal.

· Want to have annual leave payments that reflect your normal working pay (including an average of your overtime, Sunday working etc)

· Are still red circled as a result of the previous harmonisation exercise

· Are prepared to assist the reps in achieving your aspirations

The next pay meeting with the company is on 9 August.

At some point in the future when negotiations have reached a point where we have a final offer we will carry out a referendum ballot on whether you wish to accept this offer and if not what you are prepared to do about it. Therefore if you have changed address recently or do not receive materials from us through the post then you must update us with your home address via or by calling our members helpdesk on 0800 328 2673.

It is important to note that non-members will not have an input into this democratic process and will therefore have no voice as they will be unable to vote. If you know non-members in your workplace then it is imperative that they join and stay in membership to be heard, they can do this at

If you don’t have workplace rep then please print out this circular and put it up on your workplace notice board so that your colleagues can see it.

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