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ATW: Stations 2013 Pay Talks

1 November 2013

Brief update for member on TSSA’s response to the latest pay offer


Pay Talks

Your representatives have been consulting with you since the company tabled a 3 year pay offer which can be accessed on our website here:

Thank you for your feedback which has been useful for us to construct a clear response. We are aware that some communications have gone out which suggest that some Trade unions have agreed to this offer. For the sake of absolute clarity TSSA has agreed to nothing at this stage and we would not do so without allowing you the opportunity to vote on any final offer that is tabled. It is important to us that the offer reflects your desires and Members have expressed concerns on many points of the offer, therefore we have written to the company outlining the following points:

· £600 v’s £900 minimum payment – whilst a minimum payment was not originally in the TSSA pay claim it is clear that the members that we represent within Stations would see great benefits from a minimum amount if it was in line with the original amount tabled. Unfortunately a £600 minimum would not impact on the bulk of our membership and as such we believe it needs to be reintroduced at the original level of £900.

· Multi-year deal – whilst originally our claim was for a single year members have advised that they may be prepared to accept a multiyear deal but that the most they would be prepared to accept would be a 2 year offer which backs up what they told us in our online pay survey (this is dependent on the offer itself).

· Travel Allowance – Whilst we can see there has been movement on this element we do not believe that this is a costly item for the company and we believe that given the length of time the amount has remained the same and the additional issues around our members having in affect a reduction due to tax £10 would not be an unreasonable amount to offer.

· Banking of rest days – We believe that this item is a ‘win win’ for members and for ATW, with no willingness to move on additional Annual leave it allows an additional degree of flexibility for staff to choose whether to be paid time and a half for working or to have time off at a future date. We cannot see why this element has been removed from the table.

· Red circled staff – Through the negotiations we have raised the issues of staff still being red circled and we would like to understand if the minimum payment of £900 would remove all of those who are still red circled. Certainly we do not want another year to go by where these individuals stand still.

· Valleys station staff have raised concerns that there are absolutely no mention of them in the proposals around working New year, to clarify would the company be expecting to change the current working arrangements and rosters to require these grades to work new year’s day? If so this needs to be made clear.

· Travel arrangements – we haven’t received any further information on improving travel arrangements for example for retired staff’s partners for the life of the franchise

We will advise you once a further meeting has taken place.

Refunds issue and annual leave payments

A great deal of discussion has centred on the introduction of refunds at stations negotiations are still on-going on this issue and TSSA have expressed concern that this may impact negatively on at least one member which we hold sole collective bargaining rights for in the HQ clerical grade. Until more information is known we will not be agreeing to any changes on this issue.

On numerous occasions we have raised our belief that the annual leave payments for stations grades should be based on a rate of pay that reflects the additional duties that you perform whilst in work such as Sunday working and Rest day working etc. So far we have hit a brick wall with the company but we are reviewing this situation and will keep you updated as to its progress.

What do I do now?

If you have any issues, questions or queries with the above please speak to your local or company council stations representative outlined below:

Peter Collenette – Holyhead station – Company council rep North & Mid Wales

Paula Jones – Pontrypridd station - Company council rep South Wales

Lorna Elliot – Chester station – Local rep

Doug Fry – Newport – Local rep

If you are interested in becoming a TSSA representative please contact for more information

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