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ATW: Traincrew Resource Controllers matters

31 July 2015


Outcome of Referendum on Collective Grievance

The results are as follows:

There were 16 valid responses.

Q1. Are you happy to accept one of the offers made by the company?

Accept – 94%

Reject – 0%

No response – 6%

Q2.Which of the options are you prepared to accept?

Option 1 – 6%

Option 2 – 0%

A combination of options 1 & 2 – 94%

Therefore we have a clear mandate from the majority of Traincrew Resource

Controllers to accept the offer and choose a scenario where both Banked hours

and Sunday working as part of the working week will be brought in raising pay

to £44,829.

TSSA will therefore be writing to the company to confirm this position and

accept the offer on behalf of members.

Crewe relocation

Understandably, those in Crewe who face having to relocate workplace to

Chester have specific concerns and there has been a further meeting with the

company on Thursday 30 July to clarify the arrangements for those members.

TSSA reps Stephen Handley and Jon Hassall are doing all that they can to get

the best deal to cover those staff affected by the closure at Crewe and protect

the interests of the individuals concerned.

Some of the items discussed at that meeting were:

1. The potential for Petrol allowance based on the number of miles driven

(which will be taxable)

2. The potential for travelling time is on offer, and the company will be

conducting one-to-one with the staff involved in the merger (at which union

representation will be present).

3. Part of the one-to-one's will involve ATW sitting down with the staff

concerned and involving the rationale behind the merger, discussing each

individuals options, including if they want suitable employment at other

locations if there are vacancies elsewhere there will also be the opportunity for

staff to ask any questions they wish to ask which they can also submit them in

writing in advance so they can answer any questions or concerns staff may


4. ATW are seeking to obtain authority for staff to travel on empty stock moves

and seek to obtain passes for all the staff that need to travel on ECS.

5. Agreement for Crewe and Chester upon merging, to stay on current rosters

till the end of the year as staff have made plans around the rosters that they

have. Then from Sunday 03.01.16 there will be 1 roster for staff to work round,

so all work is shared out fairly, which will be negotiated locally.

6. The company made it clear that this is a 'no redundancy' proposal and if staff

choose none of the above they will be making themselves redundant of their

own making.

Next Steps:

The fact that we have managed to get a resolution to the Grievance lodged in

2013 is in large part due to your reps hard work and efforts but also due to you

all sticking together as a collective with the drive to resolve the issues that you

faced. Thanks to all of your input and work on getting us to a point of


There will obviously be the need for further work on the finer details of the

working arrangements and I hope that you will help your reps carry on the good

work that they have done by continuing to communicate your feelings and

desires to them going forward.

United we stand divided we fall!

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