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ATW: Traincrew Resource Controllers Proposals

21 July 2015

It is now your opportunity to vote on the latest set of proposals tabled by management to resolve your longstanding collective grievance.



You will be aware over the last few months (and years) your TSSA reps have been working hard to get a resolution to the collective grievance that you all lodged in 2013. Whilst the road that they have taken to get to a resolution has not always been an easy one to navigate I believe that their tireless efforts have now got us to as good a resolution as we could have hoped for. As with all changes there are pluses and minuses and the task is now yours to play your part as TSSA members and vote to have your say on whether the proposals over all are acceptable and can be agreed or not.

In relation to the offer that the company has made we believe that there are the following benefits in the deal:

1. An extra 3 jobs in function

2. Depending on which option is accepted there is between 6.5%-16.5% pay increase.. this is much higher than inflation on all 3 options which has thus far failed to rise above 1.1% since the beginning of 2015

3. Removal of the bolt on payment and incorporation into basic pay to provide 100% pensionable pay.

4. Staff and function development

5. Greater team work and support

6. Greater Job security with merger

7. Greater work life balance with more time off from work

8. Higher pay than the staff that you manage

9. Change of job title to manager, which increases respect for the role

10. Managers uniform provided (which will also have tax benefits)

11. More opportunity for training within the role to improve each and every individual

A link to the full proposals is here, please review this carefully before making your mind up

Time for you to vote

Your representatives are therefore recommending the overall package for you to accept and we believe that option 3 brings us to a position that best resolves the original issues raised as part of the collective grievance. Now it is your turn to tell us what you think, please click the survey link below and complete the details to tell us what you think by noon on Thursday 30 July 2015:


Remember only TSSA members get to vote so if you are aware of any non-members then please encourage them to join us  online via (they will need their bank details handy when joining online)if they have any issues with this process then they should contact our members helpdesk on 0800 328 2673

If you have any questions about the offer then please contact one of the management company council reps, Steve Handley (Chester) or Paul Jones (Cardiff)


I would like to thank you all for your resolve and patience in seeking to get your issues resolved

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