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ATW - We need you

31 May 2011

TSSA have a number of vacancies for union representative positions within Arriva Trains Wales.

TSSA have a number of vacancies for union representative positions within Arriva Trains Wales so we need you to stand to fill them.

Vote of Thanks

After a long period of service to both ATW and TSSA, Stations Company Council representative for North & Mid Wales Ken Evans will be retiring in July. As a result I would like to extend TSSA’s gratitude for all the hard work and effort that Ken has put in over the years representing members both on an individual and collective basis, he will be leaving large shoes to fill.

I’m sad to also report that one of our Learning Representatives Gerald Haines has regretfully passed away, I would like to extend TSSA’s condolences to his partner and family.


There are therefore new vacancies that need filling along with other vacancies that have remained vacant for sometime.




Company Council

Stations clerical

North & Mid Wales

Local Booking office rep

Stations clerical


Local Booking office rep

Stations clerical


Local Booking office rep

Stations clerical


Local Booking office rep

Stations clerical


Local Representative

HQ Clerical

Non Specific

Union Learning Rep

Non Specific

Non Specific

We need you to get involved and fill in a nomination form for one of these positions.

We Need You!

Given the nature of the current economic climate, and potential threats from areas such as the McNulty report there is a major need for rail workers to have good representation from the unions in their workplace.

TSSA provide training to both those interested in and willing to fill the role as a trade union representative. We have a Taster course running in Manchester on 22 June if you are consider standing as a rep and want out find out more about what is involved.

Local Representatives look after you in the workplace and are there to deal with issues such as roster changes, accommodation and welfare, individual representation and a host of other issues that effect the workplace.

Company Council Representatives have a wider role to play than just being involved in the local workplace and will deal with important issues such as Negotiations on Pay & Conditions, Policies & Procedures, Job descriptions, Promotion, Transfer & Redundancies and a variety of other topics.

Union Learning Representatives (ULR’s) have an important role to play whether it be assisting colleagues to source courses that they want or trying to find funding for courses. ULR’s can support colleagues who may be apprehensive about looking into various types of learning and assist them to make that next step.

I want to get involved

If you would like to know more about how you could fill one of the roles above and help make TSSA an even more effective voice in the workplace, please contact me, Alan:

Please email me well in advance of 24 June 2011 as you will need to complete a nomination form and if there is more than 1 nomination form received for any one post by this date then we will need to run an election.

Being a rep is a rewarding whilst challenging role and I’m sure you will join me in thanking the hard work of all of the TSSA representatives in working towards achieving Wins for our members.

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