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Avocet Update

18 October 2018

Virgin WCT Stations Company Council met in Crewe on Wednesday 17th October with the TSSA full-time officer in attendance to review the recent trial of the Avocet ticket machines.

After consulting with members across the country it became clear that there were a number of issues that they wanted to be addressed with management. Primarily these were:

· That the safety notice issued in September regarding use of Avocet machines without a dock at windows may invalidate previous risk assessments

· That there had been a lack of local consultation about changes to working practices resulting from usage of the new equipment

· That no local risk assessments had been conducted

· That local managers were limiting time spent behind ticket windows and therefore reducing flexibility

Agreement at Meeting

After a full and frank discussion regarding the Avocet trial, agreement was reached with management on the following points:

· There will be NO ticket window closures

· Company council reps will meet on Friday 19 October with the safety manager regarding the safety notice for the use of Avocet

· Local consultation MUST take place at each location as per the procedure agreement for any changes to working practices

· Risk assessments MUST take place at each location for new working practices

· Staff will have freedom to return to the ticket window when necessary

· There will be discussions on technology payments

· The will be further review meetings in December 2018 and February 2019



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