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Balfour Beatty Renewals RT 24 Contracts

4 April 2014

At a recent Company Council meeting with Balfour Beatty Rail we were advised of the current situation in relation to the transfer of the existing renewal contracts to the two new successful bidders for the CP5 contracts for S&C and Plain Line renewals.


The successful contractors are yet to be announced, but we know that Balfour Beatty did not bid for the Plain Line contract and were unsuccessful in their bid for the S&C contract. However, it has just been agreed with Network Rail to extend the current contracts, due to finish in April 2014, to 30 September 2014.

When the new contracts commence, employees will have the right under the TUPE regulations to transfer to the new contractors. However, the difficulty is identifying the amount of work an individual employee has undertaken for Plain Line and S&C renewals. Network Rail has, therefore, asked Balfour Beatty Renewals to put in place a managerial structure that reflects the organisation of both S&C and Plain Line renewals work in the South Area. This structure will include work down to the supervisory level, but will not include the renewal teams etc. Although the employer will be assessing the amount of work done by individuals in each of the two streams of renewals work, it is considered generally that Plain Line work will easily be the higher percentage of work done. Balfour Beatty is, therefore, planning to ask individuals their preference and will be looking to allocate individuals to either the Plain Line or S&C renewal organisation. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the allocation will be allowed to appeal the decision. Everyone will remain in the same depot up to the actual change of contracts at the time of the TUPE transfer. Those in the renewal teams below supervisory level will be sent a letter asking for their preferred new organisation. It was also stated that it is the aim of the company to resolve all outstanding issues relating to those employees who have been acting in a higher grade over a long period.

Balfour Beatty also made the point that they have vacancies in other parts of their rail industry organisation - in enhancements for example, and are keen to keep the skills within the company. Vacancies will be advertised over the next six months; Balfour Beatty also said there is some project work they will be engaged in over the next two years.

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