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Babcock Rail: 3% pay increase proposed from 1 April 2011

16 May 2011


1. 2011 Babcock Rail Pay & Conditions

With reference to Circular 127 dated 4 April following a series of meeting at Pay Forum, the company has proposed to increase pay rates by 3% wef 1 April 2011. The full terms of the company's offer are set out below:


The Offer


(i) Rates of Pay to increase by 3% wef April 2011


The basic rates of pay for employees covered by Procedure Agreement 1 (General Collective Bargaining) will be increased by 3% effective from 1 April 2011, subject to agreement on the following conditions:

(ii) Flexibility and Staff Working Away from Home.

The following revised agreement is reached in respect of flexibility and staff working away from home.

“ In the first instance the company will seek volunteers where working away from home is required. It is expected the existing level of flexibility should resolve most problems. However in the event there are insufficient volunteers, this will be resolved via discussions with the recognised trade unions”

(iii) Weekly paid staff to move to 4-Weekly Pay


All remaining staff who are on full time employment contracts and currently paid weekly to be paid on a 4 weekly basis as per normal arrangements. The company will offer the appropriate financial support to allow this small number of employees affected to make the adjustment to 4-weekly pay.

(iv) Terms and Conditions: Former Jarvis & Carillion Staff & Babcock Plant & Workshop Supervisor Grades

The company and the trade unions will agree an appropriate method for transferring former staff of Jarvis and Carillion and current staff in Plant and Workshop Supervisor Grades to standard Babcock terms and conditions of employment. It is recognised that whilst this transfer will be subject to a positive ballot within each work group, it is a mutual benefit to the company and the trade unions that such a transfer should take place and that every effort will be made to achieve this outcome.

This offer is made after consideration of all the points made by the RMT and TSSA and also on the basis of a recommendation of acceptance of the trade unions.

TSSA Reps recommend acceptance of offer.

TSSA Reps are seeking endorsement of their recommendation to accept the above offer. We believe it is the best settlement achievable taking account of the financial challenges facing the business and its wider commercial environment. In all these circumstances your TSSA Reps believe the above outcome represents a fair and reasonable improvement to current terms and conditions of employment.

TSSA Reps will seek any feedback from members regarding the outcome of the pay talks and our recommendation. To allow sufficient time to obtain this feedback TSSA will not finalise our acceptance until Tuesday 1 June. Please let us have any views before that date. Your current TSSA Reps are:


Stevie O’Brien & P&M Grades & Terry Keegans, Stephenson House, Blantyre


Edward (Russ) Wood, P&M (Track) North West, Preston; Andy Tew (S&T),  Crewe

Andy Linforth (S&T) Crewe; Mark Hardeman, Darren Stuart & Adrian Burton, Doncaster


2. Babcock Rail Executive Managers Pay 2011


TSSA has indicated to the company that Executive Managers (EM’s) should be treated no less favourably than the other groups of employees covered by Collective Bargaining. Accordingly TSSA would anticipate EM’s should benefit from a 3% salary increase in line with the other groups.

If any TSSA member in the Executive Manager Grade has any difficulty in this regard, please contact us.


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