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Babcock Rail Announce 150 Staff Redundancies!

28 March 2014

Babcock Rail management met with TSSA and RMT on 27/03/14 to announce that they will be looking to shed 150 positions within the company due to “a downturn in work associated with future volume under Control Period 5”.

Babcock Rail also have stated “although we are not aware of the out of the tendering process for CP5, we are aware of the planned reduction in the volume of future work that will accompany any current track renewal work that we retain or any new track renewal work that we win”. The areas that are affected are Plain Line and S&C, where Network Rail is reducing the volume of work for Babcock Rail. Basically Babcock Rail will look to pass the cost to them, in losing work; by shedding your jobs!

Voluntary Severance First.

Babcock Rail made it known at the meeting that they would look to mitigate the job losses proposed by looking for volunteers for redundancies across the identified areas in the first place and that would be detailed in a letter to be sent to those staff affected within the next 2 weeks. This does not guarantee however that there would be no compulsory redundancies further down the line if there are not enough volunteers, this would become clearer after the voluntary severance scheme has run its course, which has been scheduled to end at the beginning of May 2014.

What Other Steps Are Being Taken?

The other options proposed by Babcock Rail at present, excluding the voluntary severance scheme as mentioned above; include:
•    Cost Reduction: The elimination of vacancies, a reduction in overtime cost, reduced roster patterns costs and the reduction of agency staff employed, aiming to reduce the impact of the volume downturn and any requirement for compulsory redundancies
•    Redeployment: Redeployment on ABC and other Track Projects being considered as well as the Power Division and elsewhere within Babcock
•    Retraining & Up-skilling: Opportunities identified for isolation and linesmen training

What Happens Next?

Babcock Rail stated that they will start consultation within the next week to discuss the issues that will directly affect those whose jobs are at risk. We would strongly advise TSSA members to engage in this process as it is your opportunity to put your views and concerns directly to Babcock Rail management. This in turn will help you to shape your opinions on the matter and explore any suitable alternatives that may be provided to safeguard against compulsory job losses.

View From Your Union

TSSA naturally opposes any redundancies that are announced by companies but also recognises that challenging decisions are made by those companies that rely on tendering processes for retaining work within the rail industry. We will keep those affected by this decision informed of developments via your TSSA workplace reps and company circulars. We encourage you to engage with your workplace representatives to share your views, aspirations or concerns to ensure that any emerging actions or ideas are organised through a collective position amongst all TSSA members involved and raised during the consultation exercise with Babcock Rail management.

Together we are stronger!

What Can You Do?
•    Speak to your TSSA workplace reps: let them know what your thoughts or concerns are on this matter
•    Join TSSA: together we have a stronger voice
•    Ensure you are able to attend any proposed consultation meetings with TSSA

If you would to like or join TSSA please go to the link

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