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Back to Reality

17 August 2012

So the Olympics were a remarkable success (particularly for our transport system) and with the Paralympics still to come, London has much to celebrate.

TSSA members were out delivering a service to the millions of visitors to London, and the TSSA contributed the first ever trade union ‘app’ for mobile phones.

However, as the dust of the Olympics settles we will soon be returning to ‘business as usual’. In the current climate, unfortunately, that means more pressure on jobs, and a dismal economic climate. Given the challenges ahead, it is now more important than ever to have a strong, professional, trade union with effective local organisation.

What is the TSSA doing?

TSSA workplace reps actively represent the interests of our members, by assisting them in grievance, disciplinary and sickness hearings, and advocating on their behalf in negotiations. We also have a range of Health and Safety reps who identify and raise concerns about workplace hazards. Our learning reps promote workplace based learning and our growing number of equality reps promote the TSSA’s agenda of challenging discrimination and championing rights for all at work.

Tell us what you care about?

The TSSA needs your input as to the issues that you care about (the issues that we need to raise collectively as part of our bargaining agenda). We have therefore set up an on-line survey so that we can formulate our bargaining agenda based on the issues you say you care about. Please visit: and give us your input.

Get involved.

The TSSA is your union and there is an old saying, which has never been more true: a union is only as strong as its members. If you want to know more about how you can play a role (formal or informal) in winning justice and an improved working environment for TfL employees, please drop an email to

Please pass on this circular to a colleague not in a union. To join the TSSA visit:

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