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Bad weather highlights broken rail system

28 February 2018

Because of the privatised and fragmented rail system, train operating companies owned by Holland, Germany, Italy and France, as well as some of our richest individuals are getting million pound bad weather payouts from the taxpayer via Network Rail.

TSSA transport leader Manuel Cortes said:

“Our system is broken beyond repair. It's completely ridiculous that our taxpayers are forced to pay out up to £4.4 million to the Dutch state who own the Greater Anglia franchise.

“We’ve recently seen this rip off with Carillion. Time and time again private companies make profits and our taxpayers take the risk. The system is totally rigged in favour of privateers!

“Passengers are being short changed because of loop holes in the system. If the Tories cared about commuters, they would bring our entire rail network back into public ownership.”

Notes to desks:

Train operating companies in England and Wales received £181 million from Network Rail for unplanned disruption in the 2016/17 financial year, but paid out just £74 million in compensation to delayed passengers.
Greater Anglia – which cancelled more than 200 trains in anticipation of the Siberian blast – received £4.4 million during the period.
The figures for money received and paid out by train operators came from Press Association analysis of Department for Transport and Network Rail data.

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