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Bailing Rail From Grayling

20 September 2018

Responding to news of DfT report, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said,

"Well, well, well fresh from bailing out Virgin/Stagecoach and putting East Coast Mainline back into public ownership Minister of Transport Disasters, Chris Grayling is finally bowing to the pressure for the root and branch reform of the rail franchise system we rail unions have long wanted. To watch him now waste millions in paying out for a review which will tell us what we already know - that entire rail franchise system needs to follow East Coast back into public ownership.

"Grayling's press release claims privatisation has boosted growth in rail use, but of course that's total make believe. The decimation of manufacturing jobs and the growth of our service sector cities, combined with the huge cost of city living and the slump in wages has pushed people to live further away from their places of work and grown the commuter belt. It's also made passengers sitting ducks for robber baron rail companies who have been legally enabled to rip off passengers through eye watering fares. Unlike Dick Turpin they don't even need to wear a mask for their daylight robbery!

"Grayling says rail will be at the heart of a fairer economy by 2020. It sounds like he's now quoting from the Labour Manifesto. A Labour government bailing rail from Grayling is the only root and branch reform passengers and staff now want."

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