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Balfour Beatty Rail 2015 Pay Award

11 December 2014

TSSA and your Company Council representatives met Balfour Beatty in regard to the 2015 pay award.


The company made an initial offer of 2.5% which the trade unions rejected. They did, however, give further consideration to our strong arguments put forward and TSSA has now received a final offer from Balfour Beatty Rail as follows:

· 2.7% increase in salaries and geographical allowances from 1st January 2015.

· 2.7% increase in the Per Diem payment.

TSSA and your reps consider that the offer is acceptable and believe the deal is of benefit to members. It is therefore proposed to accept the offer but in the first instance would welcome your views in this regard. Please contact TSSA at before 22nd December 2014.


Rail Grinders Christmas/New Year Period Working

Following my previous communication with the rail grinder members which outlined the offer from Balfour Beatty Rail in regard to the request of the rail grinders to work over the Christmas/New Year holiday period. I can advise that no response was received from members in regard to this proposal and I have therefore communicated to the company that it is clear the offer is not acceptable to our members who do not wish to work over the Christmas/New Year period.

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