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Balfour Beatty Rail 2017 Pay Discussions and Pay Offer

21 October 2016

The TSSA have met with Balfour Beatty in regard to the 2017 pay award.


In the meeting we put forward our claim for the following:

· A substantial Increase to salaries.

· An increase in Regional Allowances.

· An review of flexible working and family friendly policies, with a view to improving maternity, paternity, adoption and family leave arrangements and making access to flexible working open to all.

· A review of equal opportunities and diversity policies with a view to raising standards in line with best practice

· An improvement in Annual Leave.

Balfour Beatty Rail considered our submission and informed us of that the company had gone through some difficult times in the last few years that had affected the them as a business. Also whilst the company was improving financially that there still was a need for prudence.

The TSSA reminded BBR that our members expect an above RPI (Retail Price Index) pay increase for 2017, where some economic predictions are that inflation is due to rise in 2017.

The company made an offer of 1% increase in pay, the TSSA rejected this. They then made an offer of 1.5% plus another 0.5% if there was an acceptance of all employees currently paid on the lunar pay cycle to transfer to either weekly or monthly paid with effect from December 2016

The TSSA are recommending this to our members covered by collective bargaining but are seeking your views before deciding on how to respond to BBR. Therefore, please contact Iain Anderson in regard to this offer by the 31st October


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