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Balfour Beatty Rail Plant

28 February 2014

Following on from our members referendum on the 2014 pay offer for Balfour Beatty Plant.


TSSA contacted Balfour Beatty Plant to inform them that the offer was rejected. Balfour Beatty have responded to say that are not prepared to increase the offer on pay as it not only reflected RPI inflation for November 2013, often used by negotiators as a benchmark for January pay anniversaries, but also had been accepted by the Balfour Beatty Renewals work force.

However, they did give further consideration to our strong arguments on the Per Diem payments for Rail Grinders and TSSA has now received a final offer from Balfour Beatty as follows:

· 2.6% Increase in salaries and geographical allowances from 1st January 2014, or a minimum increase of £500 for those staff with a salary under £20,000 per annum.

· 2% increase in the Per Diem payment.

TSSA is fully aware that members may feel that a 2% increase in the per diem payment does not meet their aspirations, however, TSSA think it is important to emphasise that since the TUPE transfer from SERCO this is the first time we have had an offer to increase the payment as a result of pay negotiations. TSSA believe that this has set an important precedent for future pay ward negotiations.

However, before deciding on how to respond to this offer, TSSA have decided to hold a further referendum of members. Please return the attached referendum paper before the 28th February 2014. It is important that all members return this referendum.

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