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Balfour Beatty Rail Termination of Lunar Pay Arrangements

11 August 2016

TSSA and your Company Council representatives recently met with Balfour Beatty in regard to the company’s proposed changes from Lunar Pay (four weekly) to weekly or monthly pay.


. The reasons given by Balfour Beatty for the changes are that they are changing payroll provider and their systems cannot process lunar pay.

They state that SM grades and Management grades will be transferred to monthly pay. Other grades currently on Lunar Pay will go to weekly pay.

Balfour Beatty state that in regard to Management Grades and SM grades the contracts of employment allow this to happen, as they are either silent on the matter of pay periods or they have a cause in them allowing a variation to occur. I would implore TSSA members to check their contracts of employment to see if that is the case. If the contract of employment does not have those clauses Balfour Beatty cannot force an individual over to the new payment periods.

TSSA emphasised to the employer that some of our members are used to Lunar Pay and have their domestic finances based around that cycle and asked the company to give interest free loans to those transferring their payment method. They have stated they will consider this on an individual basis.

TSSA wish to hear the views of our members on this matter, and also from those who may believe they have been forced over but their contract of employment does not allow this.

Please contact TSSA at as soon as possible.

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