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Balfour Beatty Rail: TUPE transfer of Rail Grinders to Colas Rail

28 July 2015

A final meeting has taken place with Balfour Beatty and Colas Rail at which clarification was sought on several outstanding issues.

The final numbers were agreed for employees transferring over to Colas Rail from Balfour Beatty. Since then one person has come off the list and as a result there will be 68 employees transferring.

The final logistics have been put in place for the transfer of vehicles, IT equipment, telephones, PPE. A new provider has been found for the cleaning of clothing.

Consultation will be held following the transfer on the closure of Slateford Depot.

There was an extra measure consulted upon at this meeting which was the change of the working week from Monday to Sunday, to Saturday to Sunday. Colas have stated they will endeavour to make this change as undisruptive as possible.

Discussion has been held on the existing issue of annual leave and timesheets. A further meeting will be held soon after the transfer to clarify this matter. This issue is still being examined with Balfour Beatty.

At the weekend of the transfer Balfour Beatty will pay employees for the turns starting on Saturday the 25th July, including those going into Sunday morning and any overtime. Colas Rail will pay for any turns worked on Sunday 26th July. I have also drawn to their attention that there may be overtime turns.


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