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Balfour Beatty Renewals CP5 Tendering

21 October 2013

The TSSA met Balfour Beatty Rail at a Company Council meeting where they informed us of the current situation of bidding for renewals work for Network Rail in the new Network Rail period of CP5. Currently they are at the end of framework contract for CP4 which is due to finish in April 2014, but maybe extended to September 2014.


Balfour Beatty has tendered a bid for S&C Renewals but not for Plain Line Renewals in the South Area. The current situation is that they have submitted a tender and in late October there will be a short listing of those that tendered for the work. Network Rail will then have further discussions on the tenders submitted by those companies remaining after the short listing and the contract will be awarded to a preferred bidder in May 2014.

Balfour Beatty are proposing as a part of this contract bid to have site based delivery teams known as Turnout 20 Teams. This will be a skilled team comprised of individuals from a number of disciplines with all the competencies required to deliver any shift of an S&C Renewal. They emphasised that this was not a multi skilled team, but could be possibly made up from two Supervisors, two Technical Staff, four S&T staff, four Electrification staff, four P Way staff and 4 Plant Operators. This has not been currently decided and will be a part of the consultation process. The Turnout 20 Teams to be enhanced by contract labour.

Balfour Beatty Rail strongly emphasised that there would be no redundancies due to this decision to bid for S&C work only and that the current number of staff would be used in the new contract if they were to win it.

TSSA pointed out that this would involve TUPE issues and those concerned would have the right to follow their work. Balfour Beatty acknowledged that fact and stressed there would be early consultation with the trade unions on this matter if they won or lost the contract at the end of the bidding process.

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