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Balfour Beatty Renewals Pay Award

3 February 2014

TSSA have had two meetings at which we reminded the company we were looking for a substantial pay increase for our members.


In particular, we reminded them of the cost of living increases our members had to endure. In response Balfour Beatty stated they were currently working with tighter financial margins on the contracts they had. TSSA also raised the issue of the First Aid Allowance that was not being applied to all or consistently.

In response, the company made a first offer of a 2.0% increase that was subsequently improved to 2.5%. Both offers were rejected by the TSSA. We have now received another improved, final offer as follows:

Ø 2.6% Increase in salaries and geographical allowances from the first 1st January 2014, or a minimum increase of £500 for those staff with a salary under £20,000 per annum.

Ø £250 fist aid allowance, payable annually to Mainline Renewals business unit employees who hold First Aid Certificates and are currently not eligible for pay corresponding benefit

TSSA now considers this offer to be acceptable and believe the deal will benefit our members. TSSA, with the support of our memebers and our representatives intend to accept this offer.

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