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Balfour Beatty Renewals RT 24 Contracts Latest

4 April 2014

The TSSA and Company council recently met Balfour Beatty Rail Renewals following the publication of details of allocating employees to the Plain Line and S&C contracts.


They stated that they did not expect to know who has won the S&C contract until late April 2014 and as yet no date was known for the awarding of the Plain Line contract.

We discussed the process used recently for allocating employees. Balfour Beatty emphasised the following criteria had bee used:

1. Organisation worked in.

2. Proportion of time worked, last 12 months timesheets, split of work in depots.

3. Skills of individual.

During these discussions we sought clarification on the following issues that had been raised:

Ø Those who are unsatisfied with their allocation, to S&C or Plain line, should appeal immediately as per the agreed process.

Ø If you have been allocated to Plain line but prefer S&C you should apply for any suitable vacant position(s) in S&C. Likewise, if you have been allocated to S&C but prefer Plain Line you should apply for any suitable position(s) in Plain Line, though it is accepted that there will few vacancies in Plain Line.

Ø The company agreed that they would advertise all vacancies soon and ensure vacancy lists are accessible in the depots.

Ø In the next few weeks those acting up in higher graded positions will be given the opportunity to apply for the position on a permanent basis.

Ø No sub-contractors or agency employees will be given preference over Balfour Beatty employees, and thus will not be allocated positions.

Ø Depot locations are not confirmed but Balfour Beatty believes that the winner of the S&C contract intends to remain in Ipswich and Tonbridge.

Anyone who believes they are being disadvantaged by the division of the two new renewal organisations and their subsequent placement should contact me - Iain Anderson on 0207 529 8003 or

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