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Notification of Industrial Strike Ballot Bus Eireann

20 December 2012

After consultation with reps and feedback from members it is the view of the TSSA that we should ballot for Industrial action

Please be aware that TSSA are officially issuing all TSSA members a notification of an industrial “strike ballot”. This will be a secret postal ballot and will be mailed to all members’ home addresses, with a free post return envelope.

Bus Eireann through its letter of the 14th December have threatened to attack your terms and conditions. This is not acceptable. The TSSA along with the other trade unions have engaged in a process of talks with the company with a view to reaching an agreement on dealing with the financial situation that we all face in the company. The TSSA entered these talks in good faith. Bus Eireann have, it appears, taken a view that they will ignore good industrial relations practice and look to impose whatever they like on Bus Eireann staff.

It is outrageous that while TSSA is engaged in talks to look at ways of addressing the financial situation faced by the company that staff are told that their wages are being cut, including basic pay in some circumstances, and that other contractual conditions of employment will be attacked.

Ballots will be posted out Wednesday 19 December asking that members vote yes for strike action to protect your terms and conditions. Due to the Christmas period the ballot period will remain open until Monday 7 January 2013.

If you do not receive a ballot to your home address by Thursday 3 January 2013 please email the Irish office at or or contact our helpdesk at 1800 805 272

We are aware that the other unions within Bus Eireann will be doing the same. It is crucial that we all stand together to defend your rights and entitlements!


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