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Bands 1-4 Pay: Company table initial offer

3 May 2013

On 2 May your national reps met Network Rail for the company to respond to TSSA's pay claim for 2013.

 The pay claim agreed and submitted by your reps was focussed on addressing the rise in the cost of living and the erosion of the salaries of management grade staff over the last three years.

The full pay claim can be viewed on the TSSA website here

TSSA are calling for:

·         A pay rise to address the rise in the cost of living and that reflects the settlements given to non-management staff.

·         A guaranteed rise regardless of performance.

·         Fixed percentage rises for each performance rating.

·         An agreed differential level between managers and the staff they manage.

·         An increase in banding limits.

·         Improvements in travel facilities.

The company response …

At yesterday’s meeting Network Rail contended that it was their “philosophy” to reward managers differently, and according to the external market, and that they would therefore offer a pay pot of 2.25%, with the minimum for a good rating of 2%.

The latest Retail Prices Index (RPI) measure of the increase of the cost of living stands at 3.3%. This would mena dropping even further behind rising food and fuel prices, as well as colleagues in non-management grades.

Offer not acceptable!

Your National reps told Network Rail that the offer would not be acceptable to TSSA members.

Your reps engaged the company in extensive debate about the reasons for the TSSA claim and the thinking behind the company response.

How could the company defend a “philosophy” which consistently gives lower pay awards to bands 1-4 compared to bands 5-8?

How can the company justify comparing managers’ pay to an arbitrary “market” figure when many areas struggle to recruit, retain and promote staff because of lower salary rates?

What message does this offer send out to hard-working managers about the value the company put on the work that you do!

Your reps are adamant that bands 1-4 pay must re-establish the link with RPI to avoid an ongoing erosion of your pay.

A further meeting has been arranged for the company to respond on 16 May.

Your area reps are meeting again on 9 may to discuss the ongoing pay talks. Let your rep know what you think! Or if you have no rep in your workplace, why not consider standing? Contact the Members Helpdesk for more information.

 If there is a meeting arranged in your workplace to discuss the talks – go along and discuss the issues with your colleagues! 

  Bands 1-4 Pay Newsletter 3 May 2013

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