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Bands 1-4 Pay: Offer Rejected!

20 June 2012

Two thirds of you voted to reject Network Rail's pay offer for management grades in our referendum. With this clear mandate, your reps voted to inform NR that the offer is rejected.

 Please follow the link to download our newsletter outlining the rejection of Network Rail's pay offer for staff in bands 1-4

  2012 Bands 1-4 Pay Rejection Newsletter

If the company do not provide a satisfactory response by close of play on Friday 22 June we will have no choice but to enter into dispute and prepare to ballot for industrial action.

Why Have We Rejected the Offer?

You made it clear to your reps that a number of aspects of the offer are unacceptable:

  • An inadequate minimum rise for staff rated “good” (2.5%)
  • A derisory 3% overall pay pot
  • Continuing to undermine pay differentials, specifically between Bands 4 and 5
  • Staff at MK: The Quadrant not eligible for a South East allowance
  • No compensation for long hours/overtime

What Happens Next?

If NR fail to make an acceptable offer, ballot papers will be sent to every affected member at their registered home address. We need an up to date record of every member’s details to ensure that the ballot is accurate. If any of the following may be inaccurate update your details

  • Home address (essential to give you a vote)
  • Workplace & Department(to help ensure our ballot fulfils legal requirements)
  • Band
  • Contact details (email and tel. so that we can keep you informed)
  • Employment status (e.g. if you’re leaving NR due to reorganisation etc.)

Will I Be Asked to go on Strike?

In our online referendum eighty per cent of you said you wish to be balloted for industrial action if the offer is not improved.

The issues with the latest pay offer are not difficult to resolve if NR negotiate meaningfully. If the company fail to take your union’s position seriously we will have no choice but to conduct a formal ballot for industrial action. Using this democratic process affected members would vote to decide whether to go on strike to fight for a decent settlement.

What Can I Do?

  • Let your reps know your views. Call the members’ helpdesk if you need details of a rep in your area
  • Talk to your colleagues. Make sure they are a union member, that they have a copy of this newsletter and that their details are up to date
  • If your colleagues have not already joined TSSA they should join online.


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