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Bands 1-4 Pay: The Campaign Continues!

23 May 2013

Today your national reps met Network Rail to seek an improvement to the company's pay offer.

Although no formal communication had been received by your union, the company confirmed the offer as a 2.5% pay pot with 2.2% minimum for a good rating.

The relevant RPI (Retail Prices Index) figure has now been released and stands at 2.9%.

This would leave the vast majority of management staff an additional 0.7% short of the rising cost of living, compounding several years of below inflation pay deals!

Your national reps had a clear mandate to seek a pay rise taking into account the rise in the cost of living and the rises given to non-management staff. Therefore the company were informed the TSSA could not accept the offer.  Your negotiating team stressed to Network Rail that the union wants to conclude this year’s talks amicably, and are open to further discussions, but could not approve an effective pay cut!

Your reps expressed the views of those of you who regretted taking management roles, were considering downgrading, that feel undervalued and that reported morale, loyalty and goodwill were being eroded. It seemed to fall on deaf ears and the company representatives could not offer any reassurance that this was even an issue they wanted to deal with!

The company’s representatives seemed wholly indifferent to the depth of feeling shown in TSSA’s open letter to David Higgins They simply reiterated their commitment to pay rises for Bands 1-4 based on their perception of the “market” in the face of hundreds of comments given by management staff showing the personal and organisational crises they were facing.

Network Rail’s negotiating team indicated that they could not offer an improved percentage as they could not exceed their “executive mandate”. This clearly demonstrated that your reps were not speaking to the decision makers on management pay!

Your union has written directly to David Higgins as we cannot believe he understands the enormity of the problem that exists in the company.

Your area reps will be meeting on 3 June to consider a formal response.

You can continue to help put pressure on the company by:

-          Signing the petition if you have not already done so You will then be invited to enter colleagues' email addresses to help spread the petition! 

-          Circulating the petition link to your colleagues!

-          Distributing our leaflet to let your colleagues know what is being done on behalf of all bands 1-4 staff!

-          Speaking to your colleagues about joining the TSSA! 

We need to shout loudly to get our message across! Every signature, comment and new member strengthens our voice!

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