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Bands 1-4: Reject derisory pay offer!

23 June 2014

Network Rail have offered you a rise of 2%. This is 0.4% lower than Retail Price Index (RPI) and 1.1% lower than the figure awarded to Bands 5-8.

No respect for the vital work you do.

The company have tried to justify yet another cut to your pay with so called 'comparisons' with the wider market. Yet, the surveys they have shared with us support a pay rise of at least 2.5%!

Network Rail pleaded poverty in the face of the “cost challenges” of CP5, even though Bands 1-4 have already taken a £375m hit during their so called Management Efficiency Programme.

It seems clear that Network Rail want to make you pay again and again for the CP5 budget they voluntarily signed up to, rather than value the important contribution that you make to their success.

Network Rail routinely expects you to work in excess of 35hrs - the recent 15% cut in jobs means that you will now be working even more unpaid hours for effectively even less pay. Yet, the company “do not believe this is a big issue" – what planet are they on!

Enough is Enough!

  • Network Rail want to give you a lower pay increase than your Bands 5-8 colleagues. Sadly, this means that since 2011, you would have lost out 8.5% in pay rises in comparison with Bands 5-8!
  • By offering a rise which is lower than RPI inflation, Network Rail wants you, once again, to take a pay cut in real terms.
  • Network Rail continues to use spurious reasoning around pay rises in the wider job market. However, this time round even this dodgy data supports a higher pay increase for you than what they have offered!

Your reps strongly believe that you should reject this derisory offer. However, for this to be strong enough to force the company to improve what's on offer, your reps need to know what you are prepared to do about it.

We need a strong mandate from you to be balloted to take further action should the company not come to its senses. We are asking you to support your reps by indicating that you wish to be balloted for strike action, or industrial action short of a strike, which could include only working contracted hours.

Please send a strong message to Network Rail by voting today in our online referendum.

If your colleagues are not members they can join online today.

United we bargain, divided we be beg

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