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Bands 1-4: Sign Here to Demand Fair Pay!

10 May 2013

Bands 1-4 staff working for Network Rail are facing another year with a pay cut in real terms! The company says it is committed to rewarding managers in line with the “market” rather than with rises in the cost of living.

Your union says these arguments are false, unfair and damage the company and the railway!

For more information, download our latest A5 leaflet here:   Bands 1-4 Fair Pay 2013 Leaflet

There are three ways to put your name to the TSSA petition:

  • sign online here 
  • speak to your workplace rep when they bring round a paper petition
  • download your own copy and get your colleagues to sign

All staff in Bands 1-4, whether they are a TSSA member or not, can show Network Rail what they think by signing up!

Why RPI?

The Retail Price Index is the standard reflection of increases in the cost of living. It is used every year to calculate the pay for non-management staff and until 2010 was used to calculate the pay for Bands 1-4!

Network Rail now claims that it is their “philosophy” to reward managers in line with the “market”, rather than with the cost of living. The salary data they use includes companies such as Poundland, Walt Disney and Specsavers! Is this really the job market Network Rail thinks it is competing in?

How convenient that this has led to Bands 1-4 salaries falling behind the rate of RPI by more than 7.5% over the last three years!

One rule for the managers and another for those they manage!

Network Rail has made no attempt to argue that the Bands 5-8 staff should be linked to “market movement” and has committed to a further RPI+ pay deal in January 2014 for Operations staff. This makes a mockery of their arguments around affordability and efficiency. They CAN pay a cost of living increase, they just CHOOSE not to.

Differentials are being eroded year on year between staff in Bands 1-4 and 5-8. Network Rail seem to have no plan to manage this increasingly dangerous situation. Instead they stick their heads in the sand and talk about the “movement in the market” and carry on paying lower increases to their vital management staff.

Is this any way to run a railway?

How can a company perpetuate a system which means many managers’ salaries are under increasing threat of being overtaken by those they manage?

How can there be any sustainable career progression within Network Rail when the salaries of Band 4 roles are unattractive to so many non-management staff? 

How does Network Rail expect to attract and retain experienced and talented staff when individuals can earn potentially thousands more in rival companies or in contractor roles?

How does Network Rail expect to deliver continuing efficiencies when they continue to show how little they value the massive efforts of Bands 1-4 staff?

It's time to give your management staff a fair pay rise Network Rail!

  TSSA Bands 1-4 Pay Petition 2013

Not a member? Don't forget that you can join online here: 

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