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Bands 5-8 Ops and CS, Projects and Support Pay - Company Offer 3.5%

21 December 2012

Your national reps met Network Rail on 18 December to hear their response to our pay claim.

A link to the pay claim can be found here.

The company have offered a two year deal:

Year 1: 3.5% - RPI plus 0.5%

Year 2: RPI + 0.5%

The company have given a further commitment that all those subject to performance reviews and rated as good will receive 3.5% in January 2013. This is a positive step as this has been a matter of significant disagreement between the company and the union in previous years. Network Rail have also committed to raise the upper band limits by 3.5% as of January 2013.

Network Rail have stated this is a final offer.

Your area reps will be meeting on 9 January to discuss the offer. Make sure you let them know what you think!

If you do not know who your rep is then contact the Members Helpdesk. And if there is no rep in your area why not consider becoming one?


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