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Bus Eireann Clerical Issues:

3 July 2018

Bus Eireann Clerical Issues:

 The company has confirmed that we will be reviewing the flexi time working arrangements as set out in the labour court recommendation. We believe that the removal of flexitime has had a significant impact on those members of staff that previously availed of it. We believed that it is only fair and reasonable in the interests of good work life balance that Bus Éireann reinstates flexitime working arrangements. We will be pursuing this as part of the review process.

For members that are required to travel to Dublin from far off areas for things such as visits to the CMO, training or meetings, we also raised the issue of travel time and being properly remunerated for the actual time you are away from home. As part of this process we will be engaging in an exercise to compare how other grades are remunerated and to ensure that the clerical grades are being treated fairly. We cannot have a situation where clerical grades are treated less favourably.

We are aware of the anomaly that sees chief clerks remunerated less than supervisors as a result of the labour court recommendation. This raises concerns over pay equity. We will continue to raise this issue as pay talks continue.  

Loss of earnings can be claimed by those that feel they have a genuine claim. Going forward the process is to put the claim into local management who will then engage with HR centrally.

We also raised concerns over adequate staffing levels, workloads, proper recognition/grading for new work picked up by clerical staff & access to overtime and delays in overtime payments.

Rep Vacancies:

We continue to have rep vacancies for the clerical grade for Dublin, Athlone/Longford, Galway & Sligo/Ballina/Donegal.

Reps have a vital role to play within TSSA and help to build the strength and vitality of the union in their workplace. The Rep is also the vital link in the chain between the members and the Union.  Having Reps in all major areas can help ensure that the TSSA office is aware of the issues that need dealing with. TSSA provides full education and training for all new reps.

If clerical staff would like to come forward as clerical grade reps please contact me at 

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