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Bus Eireann: Labour Court update

1 February 2013

TSSA along with the other unions attended Labour Court today over the Bus Eireann cost recovery plan.


The Unions presented a supplementary submission as did the company. Comments from the Court in response to the financial submission were that “the company do have problems, but they are not as bad as they have been painted”. It was also interesting to note from the report that the company have €58 million in reserve and that is expected to go to €63 million by 2016.

The company also intend to spend €41 million in capital expenditure over the next three years. Surprisingly there was no line item for any increase in wages between now 2013 to 2017. We questioned the company on this matter and they responded that it is not in their plan. That would mean members will not have a pay rise for nearly nine (9) years, 2008 - 2017, while been expected to take cuts in pay and conditions. This is completely unreasonable demand to put on members. We already have a mandate via our strike ballot to take action if necessary. If the company continues to act unreasonably then taking action to defend our rights and terms and conditions will be the only way forward.

All the unions expressed the view that given this new financial information that real negotiations may be possible with the company, the company have ruled this out, but the Court has it in their power to recommend that both parties return to the LRC.

It was also noted the Bus Eireann have made significant savings from payroll, as 200 members of staff have left the company since 2009.

The Labour Court after taking on board the submission from the unions and company ruled that the Court would issue a recommendation to the company and the unions by Friday 8, February

TSSA will keep updating members if the situation changes. Please contact your local representative with your views.

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