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Belfast May Day 2012

1 May 2012

On the weekend of Saturday 5 May this year, we encourage TSSA members to go to the May Day march in Belfast. Help celebrate the wins and achievements of the trade union movement over the years and show that we are proud to be trade unionists.


Below are the March details:

Belfast: Saturday 5 May, Assemble writers’ square, Donegal street, Belfast 12pm. March through Belfast City centre accompanied by Brass, Pipe & samba bands.

The ICTU as part of May Day will be holding the 2012 May Day Festival.

The festival will feature music, song, dance, poetry and literature.

The full May Day Festival programme can be accessed at:


Belfast: May Day is of particular importance this year. Workers in Ireland and around the world are losing their jobs, their homes and the dream of income security in retirement every day as a result of corporate greed and economic thinking that encouraged irresponsible business behaviour. The global crisis of capitalism is affecting workers in every land, through unemployment, reduced living standards and cuts in education and health services. The rich expect the poor to pay for the crisis. The social and economic achievements of our movement are under threat. There is a real danger that workers in the developed world will be faced with the poverty known to previous generations. Organised labour must organise to defend our achievements

Lets celebrate our past but also show that we will continue to fight for workers rights in the future! Look for the TSSA banner on Saturday 5 May.

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