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Bus Eireann Pay Claim

22 March 2016

TSSA along with the other trade unions meet the Workplace Relations Commission 21/3/2016 to discuss the pay claim for staff at Bus Eireann.


It has now been 8 years since members of the TSSA in Bus Eireann have had any pay increase. Indeed over this period the opposite has occurred with members in Bus Eireann having a reduction in pay and on other terms and conditions.

We believe that as a starting point members should be given a 6% increase. This 6% was due as part of the towards 2016 agreement. We were informed at the time that the company had an inability to pay. It is our understanding that Bus Eireann finances continue to improve, aided by members enduring a reduction in pay and other terms and conditions, so it is only right and proper that this pay increase owed should now be paid.

The TSSA at no time accepted that this 6% pay increase was never to be paid but rather that it was being deferred until such time as the financial situation improved. We believe that time is now.

Once the 6% is paid TSSA believe the goodwill derived from this will ensure that further discussion around pay and conditions going forward will be constructive. Failure to pay the 6% owed will be interpreted as antagonistic and will lead to a deteriorating industrial relations environment with further loss of trust and confidence.

The company responded that they view any pay rise had to be linked to productivity and pay rises would not be pensionable. The company also indicated that it wanted to discuss the issue of Expressways going forward.

The company’s position was not acceptable to the TSSA or the other trade unions. After further discussion it was clear that no progress could be made and in light of the dynamics of public transport pay with the Luas dispute and the scheduled Labour Court hearing for Pay in Dublin Bus it was decided to wait and see the impact of these issues and adjourn the meeting until early May 2016.

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