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Bus Eireann company plans

19 January 2017

The plans put forward by the company are totally unacceptable to the TSSA. It is nothing short of an insult to staff at Bus Eireann.


Targeting staff terms and conditions and work practises is short sighted and just continues to ignore the real issues of underfunding by the government in essential public transport service.

We are concerned that this strategy will do nothing but run the company into the ground. Ballots are being issued to members so we can insure we have the mandate for industrial action if the company pursue this ill-conceived strategy. We will not sit around and allow the company to destroy staff terms and conditions hard earned by staff over the years.

The plans put forward by the company attack all workers and grades. The so called pay offer is nothing but a sham that only sees staff worse off.

We will be meeting with our trade union colleagues to discuss how best to address the issues we face at Bus Eireann


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