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Bus Eireann Staff Urged To Say No To Labour Court Peace Plan

15 February 2013

Over 200 staff at Bus Eireann are being urged to vote no to the Labour Court peace plan by their union, the TSSA.

 The white collar clerical and managerial staff are simply being 
asked "to give up too much" under the Court's plans,said the 
union today at the start of a secret ballot on the proposed 
changes to wages and conditions.
Jim Kavanagh, union Irish organiser, said the increase in hours 
and cuts to annual leave amounted to an additional five weeks 
work a year without pay.
A pay freeze until 2017 would add up to nine year pay freeze 
overall for all staff and those on overtime would see an 
immediate wage cut.
"Attacking your terms and conditions so you work longer but get 
paid less is totally unfair and unjustifiable, partcularly when 
household budgets are being squeezed to breaking point," he said.
He accused management of softening up staff for the future 
privatisation of Bus Eireann. The ballot closes on February 28.


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