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Bus Eireann Pay claim update:

22 September 2016

TSSA along with the other trade unions meet at the Workplace Relations Commission 21/09/2016 to discuss the long overdue pay claim for staff at Bus Eireann.


As you would be aware we were hit with the news of plans to hive off the expressways arm of the business. We were further disappointed that in the previous months that Bus Eireann were hatching this plan they never once engaged with the trade unions as representatives of staff. We find it inexcusable they would wait until the day of talks about your pay to drop this news on us as an attempt to blackmail and muddy the waters of what we had turned up to discuss at the Workplace Relations Commission, your long overdue pay claim.

On the pay issue the company take the view that any pay rise had to be linked to productivity. They would not entertain any pay offer without conditions. The company’s position was not acceptable to the TSSA or the other trade unions. After further discussion it was clear that no progress could be made. The issue of your pay claim has now been forwarded to the Labour Court.

In correspondence from the company sent to all staff and in discussions at the Workplace Relations Commission it is clear that Bus Eireann are looking to implement a model of a “low cost operator” or a race to the bottom that we see continuous attacks on your terms and conditions. As a trade union we need to resist any attempts to introduce this model at Bus Eireann. We will be consulting with reps on how best to resist these plans.

We are disappointed that the company has taken this approach and believe it should put its energy into engaging with the Department of Transport who can no longer ignore the issue of proper funding for public transport.

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