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24 October 2013

Despite numerous attempts to communicate with the company in relation to a number of local and national issues regarding all grades, the company have failed to respond to TSSA and our sister union SIPTU. This senseless attitude will lead in our opinion to a complete breakdown of the agreed industrial relations machinery.


There are a number of important issues to be discussed at central level, including issues pertaining to Dundalk, Tralee/Killarney, Bus Aras, Cork Inspectors (reimbursement of wages), Executive grades, Garage foremen, clerical staffing levels all areas, promotions, loss of earnings, work practice and the closure/ rundown of Killarney, Drogheda and Waterford, and most importantly a response to the LRC and TSSA regarding the savings from recent voluntary severance, this is only a sample of outstanding issues that both TSSA and SIPTU wish to discuss.

Other issues such as the recent announcement of an employee survey to be carried out as stated in national media:

“BUS Eireann is to hire outside consultants to gauge the mood of its workforce.

The public transport company has tendered for consultants to carry out an employee engagement survey in an effort check on the morale of staff.

However, it is unlikely the responses from workers will be overly positive, given that EUR5m-worth of cuts have been implemented this year.

The company has yet to reveal how much the survey will cost.

The aim is to gather the views of employees to provide an understanding of how they see Bus Eireann and their opinion of the company as an employer.

In addition, it will allow Bus Eireann to plan for the future by establishing a guiding framework based on its "organisational climate", a spokeswoman said.

Firms interested in carrying out the survey on behalf of Bus Eireann have until November 8 to respond to the tender notice.


Relations between management and workers at Bus Eireann hit a low last May when staff went on strike over cost-cutting measures.

The impasse was broken following 23 hours of talks facilitated by the Labour Relations Commission.

Workers went on strike for two days, causing massive disruption.

A deal was reached when higher paid executives at the company made a contribution of around 20pc to the cost cuts”.

As the above is a false statement “ TSSA are in official dispute with the company, and have not agreed on any deal” this issue is been dealt with the LRC

TSSA have requested the company to clarify the above report as early as Monday of this week and are still waiting official clarification, clarification today has come through a national media outlet this is an example of the frustration this and other trade unions feel at this time. Out of professional courtesy, the unions should have been approached and consulted regarding this issue.

TSSA are requesting that members do not take part in any survey, given that the company carrying out the survey will be agents of the Bus Eireann, information gained is regarded as the property of Bus Eireann, and as such, Bus Eireann could manipulate information from members and could use the information supplied to the determent of the members.

The cost of this survey is yet to be disclosed, the company have continually stated that they are cutting costs as reported in the public media and the LRC. The above in the opinion of this union is another example of the wasting of money that could be better spent, TSSA have discussed the above with our sister union SIPTU and they agree that their members would also be requested not to participate in any employee survey until this matter and the matter of confidentially is resolved.

If the company continues their current “no communications antics”, TSSA will have questions asked and answered in a different forum including that of Dail Eireann if necessary. TSSA have been this week forced to go down this avenue and have already communicated to local political representatives in the Kerry area (Killarney/Tralee issue), who have now committed to raise TSSA concerns in public and at the highest level.

The company have constantly stated that they “need points on the board” if this “non- engagement” continues the match will be “abandon” to the determent of the company and public at large, there is only so many times one can talk to a wall.

A copy of this circular will be sent to all political parties and Independent T.Ds including local political representatives nationwide.

TSSA look forward to the company response in the public domain and media as this is where the company seem to want to communicate regarding the above, if that is still the case TSSA will temper their response in a “timely” manner.




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