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Bus √Čireann Update:

25 May 2017

Now that the Labour court recommendation has been accepted by the all trade unions we have written to the Minister of Transport Shane Ross.


Throughout the recent dispute in Bus Eireann it became very clear that major issues existed in government public transport policy.

TSSA as a specialist trade union in the transport industry and therefore a key stakeholder in what the future holds for public transport in Ireland. Throughout the dispute the minister committed that once a resolution had been found that he would engage with all the relevant stake holders. We will be holding him account to those statements.

It is crucial that the forum as outlined in the labour court recommendation is established without delay. We have asked the minister to meet with the trade unions immediately to establish a clear process were open and frank discussion can take place and a clear road map can be agreed upon to how we deal with the major challenges facing workers in public transport.

We will also be planning on meeting with your reps to plan and organise how as a trade union we go forward to deal with the various ongoing issues in Bus Eireann and how we will work within the confines of the Labour Court Recommendation.The company is also bound by the Labour Court Recommendation and we need to ensure they do not overstep and try and go beyond what is agreed.



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