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Iarnród Éireann BIK vehicles

22 December 2014

A number of members who have BIK vehicles have raised concerns around the email sent out by Tom Heffernan on Friday 19 December 2014 on the issue of making a personal contribution for BIK vehicles.


The proper procedure for any change to BIK vehicles is via the accepted consultation and negotiation process with the trade unions. We have formally written to the company on this issue as out lined below:


It has been brought to our attention that our members with BIK Vehicles have been emailed by Tom Heffernan on 19 December 2014 stating “the general consensus by personal use (BIK) is a willingness to pay a personal contribution.”

I am unaware of any consensus to make this payment, the feedback I am getting from our members is that they do not want to pay a personal contribution.

We meet with you late October in which we raised issues on behalf of our members to any changes to BIK. You responded that you would be formally writing to us with proposals for us to consider and that would have been a basis for talks around BIK. As of yet we have not received any correspondence so as far as we are concerned the status quo remains.

We will be communicating to our members that until such time as we have had the necessary consultation and reached agreement that the status quo should remain and that members should not engage with the company around making a personal contribution on personal use BIK.

As indicated in the letter to the company until such time as we receive a formal proposals from the company and engage in proper consultation the status quo should remain and we are advising members not to engage in any discussion around making personal contributions.

We are aware that members are already under strain from the various measures contained in the cost recovery agreements and that this attempt to target BIK vehicles only compounds the strains you are under.

It is important that any member approached on this issue should contact their TSSA Rep or the union office. If the company wishes to change the use of BIK they will need to first consult and negotiate with the union.

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