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Blog from International Transport Workers' Federation congress

12 August 2014

TSSA President Mick Carney reports from the first day of the ITF Congress

Baking hot at 0900 in the morning it was nice to get out of the sun and into a much cooler conference hall. The ITF reviewed the work of the last four years from congress in 2010 Mexico City.

We looked at some fantastic victories won by international solidarity. The `flag of convenience ` campaign has brought many successes, fighting companies that seek to avoid international labour laws by flying the flag of countries that refuse to recognise workers rights. 9 new unions set up, countless collective bargaining agreements signed and hundreds of thousands of workers under the umbrella of labour protection.

But all is not rosy in the garden. Palestinion trade unionists, not only fighting an illegal occupation also fighting for basic human rights at work. An insperational speaker told the hall of how they had won victories and improved workers rights. Unfortunately their brand new offices have just been destroyed by the occupying forces.

And of course there is other tragedy across the globe too. A comrade from the Philippines spoke how a recent typhoon had wiped out families and infrastructure. With the help of the ITF and international solidarity they are starting to rebuild. In Honduras an incredibly brave and inspitational speaker spoke how his family had been murdered and yet he continues to fight, continues to stand for working people.

International solidarity from us all is so vital. We can remain insular if we so wish, but a problem, an issue or an injustice felt by one is felt by all.

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