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Bold plans to expand rail network to boost jobs and housing

29 November 2017

Responding to news that Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling is to make yet more pronouncements on rail policy,

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:

“Its not the first time Grayling has promised to expand rail networks to boost jobs. It’s not even the second. He’s made so many wish lists and promised many upgrades. You don’t need a long memory to recall Grayling’s broken promises. Just this summer he cancelled long scheduled electrification programmes promised by the Tories in their 2012 manifesto across the south west, South Wales, East Midlands, the Trans-Pennine routes and he also failed to devolve the money to Transport Scotland that could have enabled electrification in Scotland. He has actually already butchered plans he is resurrecting today.

“Hearing he’s come up with a new vision Connecting People: a strategic vision for rail. Spare me. As I’ve warned before, spare yourself the disappointment of believing Tory rail promises. They always turn out to a means to make passengers pay more for nowt.

“CrossRail and HS2 are the only big rail Infrastructure projects Britain is committed to. Both of those were commissioned by the last Labour government a decade ago. Britain badly needs a new strategic plan. Our regions are crying out for one. But under Grayling, trains grow more overcrowded with passengers paying higher fares to privatised companies belonging mostly to the governments of Holland, Germany, Italy and France.

“If the great Brexiteer really wanted to take back control he could do no better than liberate our rail and connect them back to Britain’s people through public ownership. “ 

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