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Boris And Friends: The "Golden Circle" at TfL

11 June 2014

Old Etonian Boris Johnson was accused today of operating a "them and us" pay policy at TfL by protecting top bosses from pension cuts and a pay freeze.

The TSSA rail union staged a demo outside his Question Time session at City Hall protesting about the fact that over 300 bosses earning over £100,000 a year are exempt from the planned cutbacks.
Thousands of junior and middle managers earning between £30,000 and £50,000 have been told their final salary pensions will be cut and salaries frozen.
Leading the protest, Manuel Cortes, union general secretary, said: "Boris is an old Etonian and ex-Buillingdon Club member who has used the old boy network to further his career in journalism and politics. But it is simply outrageous when he applies that same "them and us" philosophy to a public sector organisation running transport across the capital.
"Both he and Commissioner Hendy, who last year took home £652,000, were praising these staff for their work and commitment during the Olympic Games two years ago. Now they want to kick them in the teeth through cuts they do not apply to the Golden Circle at the very top of TfL."
Staff hit by the cuts will be staging a second 24-hour strike on Friday which will also be backed by members of RMT and Unite.

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