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Boris does u-turn over sending cab jobs to Coventry

23 November 2011

TSSA celebrates as London Mayor Boris Johnson performs a u-turn over his plan to privatise cab licensing jobs and send them to Coventry.

Nearly 100 TfL staff who were facing the sack if they did not transfer 100 miles up the M1 have now been told their London jobs are safe, the TSSA revealed today.

The decision to scrap the plan to privatise the licensing and regulation of London's world famous black cabs came in a late night email to staff last night on the eve of a planed demo today by cab drivers and staff facing redundancy. Instead TfL workers, taxi drivers and supporters gathered in celebration.

Taxi outsourcing demo

Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA staff union, said:

"This is very good news for all our members at TfL who were facing the real prospect of losing their jobs if they refused to move to the Midlands. And with Christmas fast approaching, it is also good news that the sinner repenteth, the sinner obviously being the Mayor himself. We always thought this was a political stunt to impress his chums on the Tory right. We are pleased that common sense has now prevailed."

Confirming the climb down in the staff message, Helen Chapman, deputy director of TFL's Taxi and Private Directorate, said the plan to privatise the service had been withdrawn from today's meeting of TfL's finance and policy committee.

A new plan would be considered in the New Year focusing on how the service "could be delivered in-house going forward".

Cab drivers - including the private hire industry - have been united in their opposition to these proposals. TSSA and PCS have received overwhelming support from the Licensed Cab Drivers Club, RMT, Unite and the United Cabbies Group.

Grant Davies of LCDC said "Outsourcing leaves the public at risk -especially with the Olympics coming up. We are 100% behind you"

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