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Boris crashes into Fake Bus Row

2 March 2012

You wait four years for the new £1.4 million Boris Bus - and then an impostor turns up.

London's Mayor proudly claimed on Monday that his new bus was the first of its kind to hit the streets of the capital.

Er but it wasn't...It was in fact the second. The first was being sent back to Northern Ireland for repair because it kept breaking down on test runs last week.

So the second new bus was quietly launched instead without any photo calls with the normally publicity obsessed Mayor.

A TfL press release claimed "This first bus will be quickly followed by seven prototypes at the rate of one every couple of weeks as they roll off the production line at Wrightbus".....

Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA transport union, accused the Mayor of "deliberately misleading" Londoners on the day of launch and called on him to "come clean" with them over the problems of the new £11 million green bus project.

"We thought the Mayor boycotted the launch because we followed the new bus in our own double decker protesting over the cost of this expensive vanity project.

"But now we know it was all because Boris was trying to avoid a publicity own goal-his first new £1.4 million bus wasn't fit for service. So he had to sneak out the second bus and hope no one noticed."

As the row grew today, Caroline Pidgeon, chair of the GLA transport committee, tabled questions to the Mayor over his "secret" launch of the troubled bus project.

Mr Cortes added:"For the price of these eight new Routemasters, Boris could have bought some 40 standard double deckers. Now that would have made a real difference to the traveling public in London."


Photos identifying second bus available from TSSA press office.

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