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Boris must stop playing pinnochio with tube passengers and unions

22 October 2010

TSSA leader Gerry Doherty has urged Boris Johnson to "grow up" and stop misleading passengers over fare increases and ticket office closures.

He accused the Mayor of trying to "bury bad news" over fare rises in the New Year by slipping the news out buried in a press release on George Osborne’s cuts late on Wednesday afternoon.

And that followed his election promise NOT to close any ticket offices even though he was now trying to slash over 7,000 hours a week from all 274 station offices with the loss of over 800 jobs.

"It is high time that Boris stopped telling porky pies to Londoners, from his underhand tactics in announcing fare increases to his blatant re-writing of the truth over ticket closures.

"He is dealing in deception and double think. We had hoped we had seen the last of that when Jo Moore left the DfT. But no, it seems to alive and well in City Hall thanks to Boris and his spinners.

"He is like Pinnochoi-unable to tell the truth at all times. It is time he grew up and entered into sensible direct talks with the unions to solve the Tube crisis which is getting worse by the day."

The Mayor has refused to meet the rail unions over the ticket office job losses despite two one day strikes and a third due to start on November 2.

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