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Boris pays £20,000+ in strike breaking bonuses

24 February 2014

London Mayor Boris Johnson is to pay a over £20,000 in "strike breaking" bonuses to staff who volunteered to work through the 48-hour Tube strike three weeks ago.

He will pay each volunteer £25 for working one eight hour shift plus a further £25 if they did two shifts over the two day walkout which halted over 70% of services.
He claims some 950 staff turned strike breakers-a figure dismissed by the TSSA rail union as "pie in the sky". But if true, would cost taxpayers over £22,000 to reward the volunteers on top of their normal wages.
"This a yet another example of Boris's gesture politics," said Manuel Cortes, union general secretary. "Instead of wasting public money on grandstanding gimmicks, he would be better of focusing on how he caused the dispute in the first place, namely his reckless plan to close all 260 tube ticket offices.
"Before the walkout, he said he would keep services running with an army of 1,000 volunteers. On the day, the service was at a virtual standstill because only a few hundred actually turned out on the day.
"And now he is using public money on another futile gesture aimed at raising his standing in the Tory Party. He may be a national laughing stock but he is not helping Londoners to get what they real need; a properly staffed and secure tube network."
A second planned strike was suspended two weeks ago after the two sides agreed to further talks following the suspension of the ticket office closures and planned job losses of 953 staff.

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