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Boris plays Pinocchio again - this time on fares

23 October 2013

Boris Johnson will leave Londoners with a 25% "fares timebomb" when he returns to Parliament in two years time, the TSSA warned today.

His five year spending plan means annual bus and tube fare rises of inflation plus 1% until 2019, said union general secretary Manuel Cortes.
Leading a demo outside Oxford Circus tube station, which portrayed the Mayor as Pinocchio, the little boy who could never tell the truth, the union leader said:
"Boris has done it again but this time he is telling porkies about fare rises over the next six years. He was elected in 2008 promising to keep open every ticket office and we all know how that is going to end-he wants to shut the lot.
"Last year, he was re-elected after promising to being tube and bus fares down in his second term.* But now we see from his long term spending plans, he is going to increase them.
"At least Pinocchio eventually stopped telling porkies. Boris, on the other hand, seems to be a serial offender. His fares formula means a 25% increase by 2019 even if inflation remains as it is today."
The union demo was outside the fourth busiest tube station in the capital-used by 80 million visitors a year-whose ticket office is earmarked for closure under the Mayor's plans to close all 278 tube ticket offices. They will be replaced by 20 travel centres at the largest rail stations like Kings Cross and Victoria.
The union was supporting an Action for Rail protest which was also backed by community groups protesting against the Mayor's closure plans.
*Asked by Andrew Neil during a live TV debate last April about fares during his second term, the Mayor replied;"They will go down in an honest and sustainable way under me."

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