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Boris recruits student army for night tube

6 May 2015

'But can they control the drunks?' asks TSSA

Boris Johnson is to recruit a student army to help man the new Night Tube service, the TSSA revealed today.

The London Mayor was strongly criticised by the union over his plans to recruit up to 200 young part timers to cope with the big crowds using the tube during Friday and Saturday nights.

"We have no complaints over the terms and conditions being offered to staff the Night Tube," said Manuel Cortes, union general secretary.

"But we are worried about how these students will cope under pressure, particularly when it comes to dealing with drunks trying to get home after a night out in the West End.

"Those under the influence may well be less inclined to take advice from young staff rather than older experienced staff who are used to dealing with difficult passengers. This will not be easy, given that there will be only four trains an hour and passengers will not be used to waiting that long for a train.

"We would rather see a better mix of middle aged staff who know the ropes working alongside the students.

LU are now advertising for 300 part timers to man stations when the Night Tube opens in September and they have made it clear that students are their prime target when it comes to recruitment.

LU's Peter Tollington told the union; "There are many students out there who will want to take up these roles as there are no jobs at the moment."

All those recruited will have a four week training programme before being allowed out on to the platforms at night.

"We don't think the Night Tube service is the best environment for Boris to run what amounts to a youth training programme, " added the union leader. "This is a critical safety service and there should be no place for his usual gimmicks and stunts."

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