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Branson backs down in 'Bra Wars' over flimsy blouses

18 May 2013

Virgin rail boss Sir Richard Branson has backed down in the face of revolt by female staff over flimsy new blouses that did not protect their modesty.

He has agreed to withdraw the blouses which staff said would have allowed male passengers to see dark bras underneath if they were being worn on the West Coast line service.

The blouses were part of a new uniform which was due to brought in on May 27. These will now be withdrawn and all staff  will continue to wear their old uniforms until a final  agreement is reached with the unions after further trials.

Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA rail union, said: "This is a victory for common sense. Our female members were simply not happy with the quality or thickness of material in the new blouses.

"They would have been completely out of place in the working environment of a 21st century workplace."

Sir Richard had at first offered a £20 voucher to any female staff who wished to buy an undergarment for the blouses which are part of a new uniform for all 2,000 plus staff at Virgin Trains.

But this was rejected by the union which will sign off on the peace deal after more talks next week.

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