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BRB (Residuary) Ltd Pay Claim 2012 and potential TUPE

31 May 2012

Your union met with management on 24th April 2012 to discuss this yearÂ’s pay claim and to receive an update on the impending abolition of BRBR operations in 2013.

Summary of BRB Residuary Pay Offer 2012

After our discussions with management, they responded formally on 10 May and have outlined the following pay award for the period 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013:

The increase has been calculated “by specific reference to an individual’s current salary and its equivalent DfT pay band. An individual whose current salary has been assessed as being beneath the top of the equivalent pay band would receive an award greater than the individual at the top of the band. In this context the pay award range across BRBBR as a whole will be between 0% and 4.95%, with Senior Directors not receiving any pay award.

We have asked for further clarification of the bands and how this affects individual members.

Abolition of BRBR and Potential Transfer to successor bodies

BRBR as you are aware have been providing briefings for staff to update the situation, the latest being this month setting out the TUPE consultation guidance which they have shared with TSSA.

The target remains 31 March 2013 subject to stakeholder consultation undertaken by DfT and the passing of the Public Bodies Bill, although there may be some slippage due to parliamentary process (a matter of weeks possibly).

The transfers are envisaged to take place as below, however at this early stage may be subject to changes:

· Burdensome Estates Team, Bridges and Structures and low/nil value estates to Highways Agency

· High Value Estates to London Continental Railways (DfT)

· 20-30 Properties to Network Rail (Assets not staff) e.g., Old Dalby Test Centre

· Others e.g. Waterloo and North Pole are under bidding processes for railway infrastructure projects (North Pole bid from Agility re Intercity Express Fleet and possible Crossrail)

· Other obligations and Ill Health, PI Claims (BR) to DfT

BRBR are satisfied TUPE (the statutory Transfer of Undertaking, Protection of Employment process) will apply and have confirmed this with the DfT, LCR and HA.

Consultation with TSSA is planned to commence during summer 2012 at which point we will advise you of further developments.


TSSA is committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for our members with regards to support and negotiations on your behalf. However we need to increase our strength in order to improve the working lives of our members.

If all our members were to encourage just one colleague to join, our strength as a union will be doubled and we would be even stronger in facing an ever-changing climate at work.

Please feel free to pass a copy of this circular to non-TSSA colleagues and encourage them to join TSSA.

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