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Breaking up Network Rail is a hatchet job forced on them

3 March 2016

TSSA leader responds to news that Network Rail is looking for private buyers for it's publicly-owned electricity grid

"Don't be fooled that this is all about investment in the future of rail when it's is all about about selling-off our publicly owned rail assets.

"Network Rail very sensibly has its own electricity grid which means it is in charge of it's own power supply. Selling it off to a private company will mean only one thing, higher rail prices for passengers.

"Breaking up Network Rail is a hatchet job forced on NR by George Osborne whose economic plan is to sell-off Britain's rail infrastructure to the highest bidders.

"It's not in the interests of passengers, taxpayers or the workforce, It will not make safer railways, it will not make bigger railways and it will certainly not make rail travel cheaper. It will just mean Britain no longer has the power to run it's own railways. It is plain stupid economics and TSSA will resist it."

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